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Philippe Coutinho Physically Fit, but …

Philippe Coutinho Physically Fit, but …

Brazilian national team coach Adenor Leonardo Bacchi aka Tite, said Philippe Coutinho’s fitness allowed to play for 90 minutes Baccarat Online.

Nevertheless, Tite made sure not to play Coutinho from the start in the game against Colombia due to lack of playing minutes this season.

Brazil will travel to the headquarters of Colombia at the Stadio Metropolitano Roberto Melendez, Tuesday (05/09/2017) local time.

Coutinho appeared as a substitute when scoring Brazil’s 2-0 win over Ecuador on Thursday (8/31/2017).

The game became Coutinho’s first appearance of the season after reports of back and sore injuries that did not fit in the Liverpool squad in the first five games.

Other news believe Coutinho will be sold to Barcelona in the transfer market this summer although eventually failed to occur.

“Physically, Coutinho is fit to play 90 minutes,” Tite said as quoted by

“I may involve him in certain parts of the game, he is physically fit but technically because he has not played for a while,” he said.

After the saga in the transfer market this summer ended, Coutinho will certainly re-train with Juergen Klopp’s core squad.

He will again prepare ahead of the Premier League match against Manchester City at Etihad Stadium on Saturday (09/09/2017).

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