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For This Reason, Ex Striker Liverpool Ask Klopp Immediately Evaluate

For This Reason, Ex Striker Liverpool Ask Klopp Immediately Evaluate

Ex-Liverpool striker John Aldridge claims that the Reds need to add not just one but two defenders. It was done in order to fix a problem that is already very acute. He admitted infuriated with the appearance that never improved from the former defender of his team.

Defensive issues have been happening since the last few years. It was like never get the medicine solution, even it was getting more and more severe day.

Not so, Jurgen Klopp as the Reds manager seemed to not be able to see the vulnerable side of their defender. German tacticians decided not to buy a new defender, even though the club desperately needs it.

Virgil van Dijk, became the single most-wanted defender during the summer. The club is very keen to approach, but until the transfer window closed nothing happened. Following the attitude of Southampton who did not intend to sell his valuable assets again to the Merseyside giants.

Already eight matches lived this season by the Red, and the main problem still happens. Brittle defender, easy to break down with opponents just need a little chance.

This has raised concerns from various circles including Liverpool legends, one of them Aldridge. He insisted that Klopp immediately evaluate, and expect two additional new faces in the defense, especially the central defender.

“There was some anger from the fans after last weekend. I think it’s because the supporters have seen it all the time, “writes the 58-year-old man in the Liverpool Echo column.

“They (supporters) saw us give points to Watford, and again last weekend, when the other teams got good results. They think ‘this has to be done’. ”

“The supporters feel Liverpool may need two central defenders, not just one. After 12 months without Joe Gomez there and this is an opportunity. We have difficulties in the defender’s position. ”

Actually from the side of the results, Liverpool is not bad. Only once lost in eight matches in all competitions this season. Even so, the factor in the spotlight is that they failed to win in their last three matches, because the defensive side is so bad.

The Reds were scattered in eighth position standings, with the acquisition of eight points. Entering eight goals and conceding eight goals, an unresolved problem. (Source: Sportsmole)

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