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Mourinho does not know when Pogba back strengthen MU

Mourinho does not know when Pogba back strengthen MU

It’s been almost 1.5 months more Paul Pogba not strengthen Manchester United (MU). The French midfielder has been sidelined since 12 September 2017 due to a hamstring injury.

Pogba’s absence in midfield is deeply felt in the MU game. The club is nicknamed the Red Devil is like losing creativity.

United manager Jose Mourinho admits he does not know when Pogba will return. “Once again, I do not know [when Pogba will return].” To be honest, I do not know, “Mourinho said as quoted by Soccerway on Monday (28/10/2017).

“I do not control the recovery process, he does not practice with me, he works individually and when players work individually and not in my group under certain conditions,” he added.

Unlike Pogba, Mourinho can actually predict when Marcos Rojo can re-strengthen MU. Argentina defender also had to pull over because of injury.

“Marcos Rojo is working with me on certain conditions, so I expect Marcos Rojo to be ready to play after the international break, I can predict because he is training with me, Paul, I do not know,” he said.

Mourinho does not seem too concerned about MU without Pogba. “We won every game [without Pogba] except one, two? So … not bad,” he concluded.

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