PSIS CEO Semarang Will Be Hunting Foreign Players Abroad

PSIS CEO Semarang Will Be Hunting Foreign Players Abroad

Promotion team League 1, PSIS Semarang, began to move looking for foreign players to wade League 1 next season. In the hunt for this foreign player, CEO of PSIS Semarang, US Sukawijaya or familiarly called with Yoyok Sukawi, claimed to be traveling to several countries.

Late this December, Yoyok is rumored to be going abroad to find the foreign players.

“My schedule abroad around the end of December to early January, I went out of the country looking for players at the same time monitor players recommended my friends,” said Yoyok quoted from Tribune Central Java.

This plan has been expressed through instagram account @ yoyok_sukawi. He said he would leave for four countries to look for foreign players.

“For foreign players, I am traveling alone to Argentina, Chile, Serbia and Korea looking for a good young foreign player,” Yoyok wrote.

In this player hunt, PSIS applies two methods. In addition to hunting players, they will also select foreign players who volunteered to join the team nicknamed Laskar Mahesa Jenar it.

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